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Veo Product Training Call February 21, 2017

Can stress be managed?

Dr. Allan Millet discusses how stress affects us all and has become a part of our daily life. Learn how diet can impact your daily attitude and body's proper function. Also, listen in as Dr. Millet unlocks the inner workings of SERENE and understand how it can renew your body's ability to manage stress. 

Veo Opportunity Call February 20, 2017

How important is Timing to the RIGHT opportunity?

President Burke Green goes in to depth on the power of positioning yourself in the right place at the right time. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get involved in an opportunity just before the rocket boosters blast? Find out from a Veo distributor more about the opportunity that is currently available with Veo Natural. 


Veo Opportunity Call February 13, 2017

How do you create real lasting wealth without starting?

Listen as Paul discusses and answered some powerful questions about what the 4 standard quadrants of financial freedom are, what are the pros and cons of each, and ultimately how Veo Natural can take you to a new level!

Discover your true financial potential and how Veo Natural can enable you to achieve your full value with the simple and generous Veo Compensation plan. 

CHALLENGE: Paul challenged each participant to share this call and message with just 2 people. Are you up to the Challenge?

Veo Opportunity Call February 6, 2017

How is Veo Natural Changing the Game?

On this replay hear VP Paul Garner discuss the huge advertising campaigns that Veo is unleashing and what that means to you in accessing the power of online marketing. What would it mean to you if your Company was working 24/7 to put qualified builders in your path?

President Burke Green goes in to depth on the history of Veo Natural and what sets it apart as the BEST opportunity in the Network Marketing industry. Take note of the position that Veo Natural puts you in with regard to Products, Team, Opportunity, and TIMING!

Listen, Share, Grow. Together.



Veo Opportunity Call January 30, 2017

What is the mission of Veo and what makes this a unique opportunity?

Listen to the Replay as Paul Garner and Burke Green explain the core values of Veo Natural being a health and financial opportunity that is meant to help today, tomorrow, and in to the future. 

Listen, Share, Grow. Together.